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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/14

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/14

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"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.

Leaders on both sides of the Oracle-Sun deal have been recruiting people to send email petitions to the EU.  Just before the hearings this weekend, Oracle persuaded its customers, including Vodafone, the Spanish Bank BBVA, and the National Health Service, to speak out in favor of the Sun acquisition.  MySQL founder Monty Widenius responded by posting a call to action for MySQL users to email the EU and object to the acquisition.  It remains to be seen whether the hearing or the letter campaigns will have any effect on the gridlock that is scheduled to end in January.

After Nokia filed suit against Apple about a month ago, Apple decided to sue them right back!  The countersuit claims that Nokia is illegally using 13 of Apple's mobile technology patents, while Nokia claimed in their suit that Apple had only infringed on 10.  An Apple spokesperson said in a statement, "Other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours."  While we can't be sure whether that's a fair statement to make concerning Nokia, it might be warranted against Mac clone-maker, Psystar.

The IronPython project is now housed on its very own site.  The home for the .NET version of Python was originally at Microsoft's Codeplex site.  At ironpython.net, you can download the latest release candidate of IronPython 2.6.  The language is open source under the Microsoft Public License.

Robert Moffat, the IBM exec who was arrested in October as part of an insider trading ring, told judges he was innocent of charges saying he passed non-public financial information to Danielle Chiesi of the New Castle hedge fund company.  Although Moffat admits he was in talks with Sun during the IBM acquisition meetings , he says he didn't have enough information from Sun to beat the street.  However, the wiretaps of Chiesi's phone tell a different story.  Moffat lost his job and his chances to become CEO of IBM when he was arrested in October.

"Vancouver Olympics Chooses JavaFX" is the top link on DZone in 24 hours.  The site shows off the potential of JavaFX in data visualization scenarios.  Being chosen by a website that will receive a large amount of global traffic and scrutiny is a big nod to JavaFX's capabilities.

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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