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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/19

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/19

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Ellison Plans to Dispense Cloud Computing Beatdown
Now that Oracle expects the EU to approve its acquisition of Sun, CEO Larry Ellison revealed his plans to challenge cloud competitors such as IBM, HP, and Dell with his own cloud, which will soon be pumped up with Sun.  Using the next generation of Sun's Solaris OS, which will be cloud enabled, Oracle will be able to manage clusters of computers to support customers' cloud computing needs.  Ellison says the Oracle-Sun alliance will have all the parts it needs for effective cloud computing.

Firefox Catching Up to HTML5

Yet another beta release arrived for Firefox 3.6, which now supports a couple more HTML5 and CSS specs.  The fifth beta now allows multiple web page backgrounds to be overlaid on one another thanks to its compliance with a CSS spec.  The beta also supports an HTML5 standard development interface that lets web apps ask users to select files from their machines.  Last but not least, the Web Open Font Format, a compressed file format for fonts, is supported.

Rackspace Down and Internet Out
Rackspace went down again yesterday.  The total failure took down a number of sites.  There have been several outages over the last few months and many were cause by power issues, but that wasn't the case with the most recent downtime.  The most recent outage was caused by network issues.

The first major incarnation of the oddly named AJAX GUI framework, qooxdoo [pronounced: kooks-doo], is now available for free ( as in beer).  Backed by the company 1&1, qooxdoo is a fast, well-tested JavaScript framework for desktop-style web applications.  The developers of qooxdoo say HTML, CSS, and DOM knowledge is not neccessary.  The web application framework covers the whole development process, including JavaScript compilation, unit testing, and debugging.  Java developers out there should keep up with the recently announced QxWT project, which links most of qooxdoo's features into the Google Web Toolkit.  The framework runs in all major browsers and is dual-licensed under the LGPL and the EPL.  You can download the SDK here.

Top Link
The top link on DZone yesterday was a post from the SpringSource blog about the Spring framework 3.0 general release.  The post outlines the major new features in the Spring framework.  There was a new release candidate for Spring Roo on that day as well.  However, on that link people didn't have all nice things to say about Spring 3.0.

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