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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/22

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/22

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Moffat Cutting a Deal?  
The former IBM senior executive, Robert Moffat, got a thirty day extension on his indictment because he may be considering a deal with the government.  Moffat was arrested in October for allegedly passing inside information about Sun's finances to the ex-beauty queen hedge fund manager, Danielle Chiesi.  Kerry Lawrence, a lawyer for Moffat, said that his client was not cooperating with prosecutors, but was talking to the government.  Raj Rajaratnam, who was allegedly the ringleader of the Galleon insider trading scheme, was indicted yesterday afternoon along with Chiesi.  After the indictment, Chiesi's mother told the WSJ, “My daughter is innocent and that is what you will be printing.  God borrowed my body and gave me this girl. She’s my angel.”  Apparently mommy didn't hear the wiretap recording of her "angel" when Chiesi thought the feds were onto her: “I swear to you in front of God . . . You put me in jail if you talk . . . I’m dead if this leaks. I really am . . . and my career is over. I’ll be like Martha [expletive deleted] Stewart.”

Bing Sues Microsoft... Wait... What?
A St. Louis design company is suing Microsoft because it had the name "Bing" first.  Bing Information Design! thinks it has a case against Microsoft because people might think there's an association between the two companies.  The tiny St. Louis company also says that Microsoft has diluted its value and caused actual punitive damages.  Of course, in order to dilute value, there has to be value there to begin with, and Bing Information Designs!, with their annoying exclamation point in the title, probably doesn't doesn't make that much money based on the look of their website.  Maybe that's why they want Microsoft's money so bad.

Twitter in the Green
Reports say that Twitter will be profitable this year, which may have silenced some of the critics of its business model.  The $15 and $10 million search deals with Google and Microsoft are what really gave Twitter a boost this year.  Twitter is searching for more revenue streams involving features for large businesses.  There are also rumors of advertising features in the works.

$100 if Your Nook Doesn't Get there by Christmas.
People who still haven't received their orders for the Barnes & Noble "nook" e-reader, have gotten an email guaranteeing that either the product will be delivered on December 24th or the company will give customers a $100 online gift card.  People who don't get their nook in time will still get a little tri-fold certificate from Barnes & Noble with a picture of the nook, which isn't quite as good.  The card lets you know that the nook is on the way and you'll have to endure a couple more days of waiting for a present.

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