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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/23

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/23

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Too Early to Think About NetBeans 6.9?  Heck No!
Jim Parkinson, a Senior VP of Engineering at Sun, revealed some juicy tidbits about the upcoming features in NetBeans 6.9.  The upcoming version, he says, will focus on Rich Client Platform development for the enterprise.  6.9 will also add support for OSGi bundles at runtime.  Other planned features include a Swing validation library, the JWebPane enhanced embedded web browser, better RCP build support in Maven, easier branding, headless builds, and improved JNLP support.

Groovy Baby
As a present to all you Groovy/Grails users out there, SpringSource released the final version of Groovy 1.7 just in time for the holidays.  The latest version of Groovy is more Java friendly, with Anonymous Inner Classes and Nested Classes.  There's also enhancements for annotations, the GroovyConsole, and Grape.  The SpringSource team intends to make Groovy's Grape system even more modular in future releases.  They also want to add extra features for more readable and expressive DSLs.

Zend 1.1 in Alpha, but Moving Fast
The first available version of the Zend 1.10 framework has been released in alpha.  The alpha comes with several new additions including Zend_Barcode, Zend_Validate_CreditCard, Zend_Cache_Backend_Static, and more.  The Zend_Tool for 1.10 has undergone "a ton of refactoring" the developers say.  Other features include a new CLI runner with home directory and configuration support, logging support in the ErrorController for default projects, and new providers for Model generation, DbAdapter setup, Layouts, and Form Generation.  Zend says the final release of Zend 1.10 is due in less than a month.

An Unpleasant Christmas Surprise
The Internet Storm Center is warning people to beware of gifts such as USB flash drives, MP3 players, or digital photo frames.  The organization recommends that people format these devices because they might contain malware.  The person who gives the gift may not even know about it.  So, if somebody sends you or your company a bunch of USB thumb drives this Christmas, it's probably best if you pass on the free "gift".

Top Link
You've already heard it.  The Groovy 1.7 release posting is the top link in 24 hours with a whopping 80 upvotes!

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