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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/4

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/4

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The release of Google Chrome for Mac OS X may already be here by the time this is posted. The Chromium team recently changed it's Mac OS X roadmap page saying that all of the bugs are now gone. However, the first Mac version for Chrome will be missing some features. The Bookmark Manager, Task Manager, full extension support, and App Mode will all be absent from this release. Gears will also be absent, but that doesn't matter now that Google is abandoning them for HTML5.

The German IT consulting company, itemis, has teamed up with the Eclipse SOA team. Eclipse launched its SOA platform in September.  itemis will be charged with building a repository for managing model-based software development artifacts. Eclipse also has an SOA runtime called Swordfish.

Intel touted its shiny, new 48 core research chip on Wednesday. The chip has a whopping 1.3 billion transistors and uses 125 watts of power. It's called the Single-chip Cloud Computer and Intel said at a press event that "the machine will be capable of understanding the world around them much as humans do. They will see and hear and probably speak and do a number of other things that resemble human-like capabilities." Doesn't that creep you out just a little?

Microsoft just made another move to try and 1-up the Google search engine by releasing Bing Maps beta. The new service is powered by Silverlight and it makes cityscapes look like 3D images. Bing Maps also has a Street View inspired mode called "Streetside". One thing that Google doesn't have is Bing's Application Gallery for layering data on the maps. A Twitter application is one integration example that places tweets on the location that they came from. It looks like Microsoft is serious about slaying the Google search giant.

Go read "I Heart Joel on Software: But Why Does He Look Down on Me?". It's the top link in 24 hours and it takes a jab at Joel Spolsky's patronizing views.


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