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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/9

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/9

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The Mac and Linux versions of the Chrome browser were finally released yesterday after the Chrome team said it had fixed the last bugs on Friday. You can download the beta here.  Google says the browser launches so fast "there's hardly even time for the icon in the dock to bounce!" They say that the Linux beta works well with GNOME and KDE.  The Mac beta is missing some features found in the PC version. The Bookmark Manager, Task Manager, full extension support, and App Mode are all absent in the Mac beta.  These features may be included in future releases.

Microsoft is probably not happy that the security test lab of Fraunhofer SIT published five methods for breaking into BitLocker, a disk encryption feature for Windows 7.  The attack quashes the widely held belief that a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) device is impervious to hackers. In fact, researchers said that under certain conditions, hackers could “circumvent the protection and break confidentiality with limited effort." However, Microsoft says these sorts of threats are not new and pose a low risk to people using BitLocker "in the real world."

Three venture capital firms recently gave JanRain $3.25 million to turn the deployment of online identification technologies like OpenID into viable business for enterprises.  JanRain, a non-profit organization, is the maker of RPX, a SaaS platform for OpenID support.  Their software is used by big-name websites like Sears, EMI Music, and Fox News. JanRain is one of the few companies in its space right now.  That's because the adoption of OpenID hasn't been very high.  JanRain hopes to show that it can effectively commercialize authentication systems.

Talend, a provider of graphical environments for building data integration tools, just released a suite of applications to support enterprise-scale deployments of its open source tools. The Talend Integration Suite LCp (Life Cycle Platform) has a testing platform that can validate data integration processes before deployment. The suite also includes a repository manager for multiple projects and repositories along with an auditing platform to analyze data compliance. Talend's Open Studio generates LGPL licensed Java or Perl code.  The suite starts at 30,000 pounds and is marketed to large enterprises.

The top link on DZone in 24 hours asks: "EJB's: Time to let them go?"  The post explains why it's not healthy to continue changing the EJB specification.  The link miraculously achieved a down vote total of -1, which is essentially an up vote if my math is correct.  

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