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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/10

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DZone Daily Dose - 2009/12/10

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The Eclipse Marketplace has officially replaced Eclipse Plugin Central (EPIC). The new site went live less than 24 hours ago and features custom lists where users can keep track of their favorite plugins. Eclipse Marketplace's search feature is now based on Apache Solr and has gotten a major upgrade. Also, users can log in with their Bugzilla account. Eclipse Marketplace was built using the Drupal CMS. The only thing that didn't get better is the acronym - EPIC was way cooler.

While many people wish it were over, the argument surrounding Oracle's acquisition of MySQL still rages. Florian Mueller, a former MySQL stakeholder, recently submitted a 31 page rebuttal to SFLC founder Eben Moglen's pro-Oracle opinion. While Moglen dismisses MySQL as an atypical GPL project, Mueller says that a GPL license isn't appropriate for MySQL. Mueller would favor MySQL having an Apache license. Anti-Oracle arguments from Mueller and Monty Widenius continue to focus on 'If MySQL isn't that valuable, then why is Oracle fighting so hard to keep it?'

Mozilla's VP of mobile, Jay Sullivan, says the mobile version of Firefox will be available as early as next week. Codenamed "Fennec", the mobile browser will start on Nokia's Linux-based Maemo OS with Windows Mobile and Android versions to follow. Sullivan says Fennec is "almost an operating system." One of the many features Firefox mobile will have is Weave integration, which allows desktop synchronization of bookmarks, passwords, and tabs you've opened. Nokia N900 owners will be the first ones to testdrive Fennec by downloading the beta early next year. Firefox mobile won't ship on Maemo smartphones until the third quarter of 2010.

The first Solid-State Drive is now available from Seagate. It's called 'Pulsar' and it comes
in 50, 100, and 200GB versions. SSDs are more expensive than hard-disk drives, but they are generally faster cost less per second of input/output operations. This first offering may foreshadow Seagate's entry into the server market. There's no pricing available yet for Pulsar.

If you haven't heard already, IntelliJ IDEA 9 is now publicly available with a free open source edition so developers can try it out without the financial committment. "IntelliJ IDEA 9 Released, First Time with a Free Version" is the top link on DZone in 24 hours. JetBrains Zone was one of the first sites to break this story.


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