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Daily Dose - Will HTML5 Kill Flash?

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Daily Dose - Will HTML5 Kill Flash?

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Will HTML5 Kill Flash?   
According to wired.com, Steve Jobs thinks so.  In a meeting at One Infinite Loop a few days after the iPad release, Jobs said things about Google and Adobe that made Larry Ellison's IBM bashing look coy in comparison.  The person at the conference who gave the story to Wired remained anonymous because he was not authorized to speak to the press.  According to the source, Jobs called Adobe "lazy," saying that they had the potential to do interesting things, but they just wouldn't.  He said that the iPhone won't support Flash because it causes Macs to crash so often.  He concluded that the internet was moving to HTML5 and soon no one would be using Flash.  As for Google, Jobs says they are clearly trying to kill the iPhone with Nexus One.  Jobs received thunderous applause when he told the audience about Google's "don't be evil" mantra.  "It's bullshit," he said.

Google is Shutting the Door on Old Versions of IE, Firefox, and Safari
Google recently announced that it would stop supporting Internet Explorer 6, Firefox 2.0, and Safari 2.0 for Google apps on March 1st.  Users with those browsers will still be able to access the sites like Google Docs and Google Calendar, but new features will not be available and some features will stop working.  This move along with the Chrome Bug Bounty Program might be part of the reaction to Chinese cyberattacks on Gmail earlier this year, given that old versions of IE were exploited during the attacks.

Fennec Arrives - The First Mobile Browser with Add-ons
Mozilla just released the first GA version of mobile Firefox, codenamed "Fennec".  According to Mozilla, it's the first mobile browser to feature add-ons, and it supports over 40 of them.  Popular add-ons such as AdBlock Plus and URL fixer are compatible with Fennec.  The Fennec release also coincides with the Weave 1.0 release for syncing history, forms, bookmarks, and opened tabs between mobile and desktop computing devices.  Right now Fennec is only available on the Maemo 5 operating system, which means only on the Nokia N900.  However, Mozilla is currently alpha testing a version of Fennec for Windows Mobile and there are prototypes for Android.

Chrome Five Arrives

While some people are finally enjoying the stable release of Chrome 4, users of the developer version can brag about how they just reached version 5.  However, there are plenty of bugs that need fixing.  The Windows version features a Content Settings panel with fine-tuning controls for cookies, images, pop-ups, and JavaScript.  The Mac version has received better extension stability (remember, only the dev channel version has extensions on Macs) and there is now a search field for the cookies manager.

3D jQuery Infinite Carousel Project
Someone has made a 3D infinite carousel using jQuery and a TutsValley.com tutorial.  Let the author know what you think.

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