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Daily Dose - India Gets Cut Off from PayPal

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Daily Dose - India Gets Cut Off from PayPal

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India Gets Cut Off from PayPal   
Since late January, PayPal has suspended personal payments going in and out of India.  PayPal representative, Anju Nayar says that his company is sorry for the inconvenience, but he didn't say why the services were suspended in the first place, just that they are working on a solution.  Money transfers between merchants and local banks have also been suspended and all funds requested through PayPal India are being reversed.

Oracle Will Ride the Cloud Around the World
A 50 day international road show on cloud computing was announced by Oracle recently.  Oracle says their focus is on helping customers build private clouds.  On the tour the company will try and sell Oracle's particular brand of cloud computing and explain their new capabilities with Sun technology.  Oracle's technologists will try and break through the hazy definitions of cloud computing and describe how companies can harness enterprise cloud computing.

KDE.org Returns
The open source KDE software compilation 4.4 is the first version based on Qt 4.6.  The KDE developers just announced the general availability of the new version, which features an improved Nepomuk Semantic Search framework and GetHotNewStuff interface.  Along with the 4.4 release, a relaunch of KDE.org was also announced. The website has undergone a complete redesign.

GNOME Accessibility Lost in Oracle-Sun Merger
Willie Walker, the project lead for GNOME a11y (accessibility) and Orca Screen Reader was laid off from Sun as a result of the Oracle acquisition.   Walker says that he will continue working on GNOME 2.30 as a volunteer, but he will not be able to make the same time commitments that he could when he was getting paid for working on the project.  Joanmarie Diggs, an Assistive Technology specialist and GNOME contributor was especially upset about the news and is worried that the handicap accessibility of GNOME is in danger of losing future support.

Grails: It Just Makes Sense
The adoption of Grails is still on the rise, according to Dave Klein.  He says that “we can't use Grails because we are a Java shop” isn't a good excuse anymore.

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