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Daily Dose - Oracle Lights the JavaOne Beacon

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Daily Dose - Oracle Lights the JavaOne Beacon

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Oracle Lights the JavaOne Beacon
You know it's official when the call for papers is heard.  Oracle just announced JavaOne's call for papers and presenters have until March 14th to submit proposals.  On the website for submissions, Oracle says, "This year, the conference curriculum is going back to its roots -- 100% Java technology and the related ecosystems."  There are seven tracks for submissions including the Java Core Platform, Java SE and Desktop Java, Java EE and Java for Enterprise Applications, JavaFX and Rich User Experience, Java ME and Mobile, the Java Frontier, and Java for Devices, Card, and TV.

Motorola Announces Dichotomy

Motorola recently announced that it would divide itself into two companies in the first quarter of 2011 on its own accord.  The decision was made to allow more efficient management of the disparate businesses currently within Motorola.  The mobile handset unit and television set-top box division will form their own publicly traded company, while wireless networking and enterprise radio systems form the other half.

Opera 10.5 Gets an Ultra Performance Boost
The new Caraken ECMAscript scripting engine got an extreme upgrade in the newly released 10.5 beta version of the Opera browser.  The engine is about eight times faster than its predecessor in 10.2.  The caching engine has also been rewritten with new detailed cache visibility.  Even more exciting is the arrival of HTML5 video.  Opera now joins the ranks of HTML5 video compatible browsers and jumps into the Ogg Theora corner with Firefox.  Opera seems to be catching up to its competitors in JavaScript performance, and it remains the leader in memory footprint and caching.

Schwartz Considers Autobiography
Sun's former CEO Jonathan Schwartz recently tweeted that he was considering writing an autobiography about his experiences as the head of Sun.  Some responses to the tweet have asked to hear about big open sourcing efforts like Solaris and Java, while others wanted to know about the boardroom discussions over research directions.  Thankfully, Schwartz has promised not to write it in the form of a haiku.

My Groovy can beat up your Scala
Well my dad can beat up your dad, so THERE!  Yeah… so this is just a Scala-bashing post in response to a Groovy-bashing post.

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