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Daily Dose - Symbian Needs Volunteers

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Daily Dose - Symbian Needs Volunteers

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Symbian Needs Volunteers
You might have heard by now that that slew of code (an unprecedented slew of code) released into open source by Symbian recently will not compile.  Symbian has just confirmed that they won't get that code to compile for another three months unless they get help from plenty of volunteers.  They also need help getting v3 to boot into a GUI once the code compiles.  Some of the Qt team members at Nokia have been volunteering time to help Symbian during their "creative Fridays" (a day when they get to contribute 20% of their time to a relevant project of their choosing).  In contrast, we have Google and Microsoft with billions of dollars at their disposal, so the outlook isn't so good for Symbian's volunteer army.  

Judge Needs More Time in Authors Guild v. Google
Late this week, the president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) urged the judge to reject the revised settlement in the Google Books case.  EPIC believes that the deal would solidify Google's control of the internet and commercialize access to information.  Google's ability to monitor what we read is also a privacy concern in the case.  After hearing extensive arguments in the case, Judge Denny Chin said, “To end the suspense, I’m not going to rule today at this hearing. There is just too much to digest.”

US Tracks Down the Source of Chinese GMail Cyberattacks
US officials have traced the cyberattacks on GMail last month back to two Universities with ties to the Chinese military.  The schools (Shanghai Jiaotong University and the Lanxiang Vocational school) were unaware that the attacks had been traced back to them.  The attacks have still not been traced back to a Chinese agent, however.  Investigators are looking into a class taught by a Ukranian professor that trains some computer scientists for the military.  Also notable is the school's computer network, which is operated by a company with ties to the Chinese competitor to Google, Baidu.  Still, there are a lot of other possibilities for why the attack was traced back to the schools.  Chinese hackers have started using a highly distributed approach to online espionage, so it's almost impossible to prove where the attack originated.  

Rackspace Gets SharePoint

The cloud company Rackspace announced a SharePoint service for its hosted email customers.  The company says a standalone product is also on the way.  The free trial for this service includes 14 days and 250MB of storage.  The service costs $10 a month per gigabyte.  Rackspace also offers a dedicated SharePoint with more customization and better support.

Swing Worldclock
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