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Daily Dose - .NET Reflector Launches Commercial Upgrade

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Daily Dose - .NET Reflector Launches Commercial Upgrade

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.NET Reflector Launches Commercial Upgrade  
Along with the newest version of the .NET Reflector community edition, Red Gate Software also released a commercial Visual Studio add-in called .NET Reflector Pro. The new 6.0 version of the free community edition features support for .NET 4 and VS 2010.  It can also decompile a lot more things, but it still can't decompile to C# 4.0 language features yet.  .NET Reflector Pro is special because it lets you debug decompiled code using the VS debugger features, which include setting breakpoints, inspecting variables, modifying variables, and the IntelliTrace function.  The pricing for .NET Reflector Pro starts at $195 per installation.

Monty Finds a New Enemy: Apple

Hoping that people will forget his futile effort to "save MySQL", Monty Widenius wrote his first post-Sun acquisition blog post.  Once again he is back on the offensive in the name of open source.  This time, he's taken aim at Apple and its popular but closed iPhone platform.  He sees problems down the line for the mobile development community if Apple continues to be the supreme ruler of the mobile web ecosystem.  Although many developers would be on board with these ideas, it's still going to take some time to repair his reputation after going out on a limb with his anti-Oracle efforts.  Right now, the Oracle honeymoon continues for many Java developers.  

Cloud Disaster Recovery: Do a Double-Take
Double-Take Software just released a new cloud based version of their disaster recovery solution.  Double-Take's replication software copies physical or virtual disk writes onto their cloud servers on Amazon EC2.  If disaster strikes, Double-Take has more than just your data and files, it also has the whole system backed up, so if your server fails you can spin up a virtual server on Amazon.  

The Colossal Mobile Framework of Rhodes 1.4
Rhodes is an open source, Ruby-based framework that can write platform agnostic apps that run on a number of smartphone operating systems including Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry.  The latest release adds support for the BlackBerry 5.0 Java Development Environment.  There are a number of new gems and native mapping for Blackberry as well.  Rhodes 1.4 now includes a Mac OS X debugger and an extension framework for third party extensions to the screen size API, which will help it handle the iPad's bigger screen.

Concurrent Programming in Groovy

The GPars project for concurrent programming in Groovy is nearing a 1.0 release.  Get an update on the project's latest news and an overview of the concepts.

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