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Daily Dose - Mono Supports MeeGo Apps - Android Support Coming

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Daily Dose - Mono Supports MeeGo Apps - Android Support Coming

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Mono Supports MeeGo Apps - Android Support Coming
The open source .NET development environment, MonoDevelop, has just gained the support it needs to develop applications for the recently announced Maemo/Mobiln hybrid: MeeGo.  MonoDevelop can be used on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X systems to target MeeGo devices, unlike MonoTouch for iPhone development, which only works on Mac.  Novell has been putting a lot of emphasis on development for mobile devices with Mono.  The Mono development team is currently making a version of Mono for Android called MonoDroid.  Early support for MeeGo was a good move for Mono because Nokia plans to run 20% of its devices on MeeGo by 2011.  

China Denies Google's Accusations in Cyberattack Investigation
Today, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said that Google's accusations against China in the cyberattack investigations are baseless.  Earlier this month, Google said it had traced the attacks back to two Chinese schools.  Both have denied any involvement and the spokesman also called this accusation baseless.  Google and China have restarted their meetings to decide whether Google will go through with removing censorship blocks on its Chinese search engine.  

Backroom Patent Deal Between Microsoft and Amazon
Microsoft and Amazon recently signed a broad patent cross-licensing agreement providing access to each other's patent portfolio.  The numbers were not revealed, but we do know that Amazon will be paying Microsoft some money in the deal.  All that was mentioned was Amazon's Kindle and Amazon's use of Linux servers.  There's speculation that Amazon agreed to this deal in order to avoid a lawsuit from Microsoft.

Amazon Unveil's Super-Duper Ultra Mega High Memory Instances
Today Amazon announced yet another, even higher memory instance that you can buy for the EC2.  The Extra Large High Memory Instances are 17.1 GB of memory, 6.5 ECU, 420 GB of storage, and a 64 bit platform.  The new instance is meant "to help out with analytics and data-crunching applications," Amazon says.

Apache Wicket Powers mobile.walmart.com
See why Wicket was chosen as the web framework for building mobile.walmart.com.

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