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Daily Dose - Zend Server 5.0 GA Boasts Code Tracing

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Daily Dose - Zend Server 5.0 GA Boasts Code Tracing

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Zend Server 5.0 GA Boasts Code Tracing  
The dominant PHP company, Zend, just released the final version of Zend Server 5.0  The signature new feature is code tracing, which allows developers to drill down into code and pinpoint the little inefficiencies that make PHP applications slow.  Better caching and job queue capabilities will also help increase application performance.  The Zend Server starts at $1,195 for an annual subscription.

Weld 1.0.1 Brings CDI to GAE
JBoss' reference implementation for the CDI spec (JSR 299) has now reached version 1.0.1.  This is the first release to add basic support for running on Google App Engine.  You can see an example of the Weld numberguess application on appspot.  The 1.0.1 version of the CDI TCK was also released with Weld 1.0.1 thanks to the help of the GlassFish and Apache OpenWebBeans teams.  For the next version of Weld, JBoss says we can expect more memory improvements and better support for Jetty and Tomcat.

Adobe Swiftly Vanquishes Code Execution Bug

Last week, researcher Aviv Raff showed how you could exploit a code execution bug in the download manager for Adobe Reader and Flash.  In a timely fashion, Adobe has fixed the bug which uses a special link on the adobe.com domain to open a door for system infection.  The bug was closed by removing certain contents from the download manager.

iPad Outpaces iPhone's Early Demand
According to a pair of ChangeWave surveys, the iPad's current demand is greater than the iPhone's demand when it launched.  Out of the 3,200 people surveyed, 13% said they were likely to buy an iPad.  ChangeWave recorded a 9% demand at the original launch of the iPhone.  The survey also found that 23% of the respondents thought the iPhone was priced too high, while 8% think the iPad is overpriced (probably because there's a model that's cheaper than the iPhone was on its launch). It just goes to show that some people will always buy the next big thing from Apple, no matter what it is.

IE6 Funeral

One blogger is declaring the death of Internet Explorer 6 in light of the recent news that YouTube will not be supporting the browser starting in March.

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