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Daily Dose - US Lobbyists Blacklist Open Source Promoting Counties

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Daily Dose - US Lobbyists Blacklist Open Source Promoting Counties

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US Lobbyists Blacklist Open Source Promoting Counties  
The group of US lobbyists known as the International Intellectual Property Alliance (IIPA) released a new 'Special 301' report that is a list to suggest trade sanctions on so-called "copyright sinners".  The 301 report is commonly used as a web treaty "negotiating stick" according to the Free Software Foundation's response.  The surprising part of the blacklist is the response to countries that promote the use of open source software or prescribe its use in the government.  Countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines are included in the list.  I guess the lobbyists didn't notice that the US government is full of open source software, and don't forget - the White House uses Drupal.

On the Losing Side of a Cyber War

Michael McConnel, a former US vice-admiral and head of National Intelligence, said in a Senate hearing that the US would lose a Cyber War if one was launched by a hostile power.  The reason is not because US security programmers are less talented, or because their technology is inferior.  The US is the most vulnerable country because it is the most networked country.  Therefore, it has the most to lose, McConnel claims.  However, other countries also have much to lose politically and economically if they were to shut down the power grid or disable stock trading on Wall Street.

The Mayor of London Copies the White House; Switches to Drupal
The official website for the Mayor of London and the Greater London Authority (GLA) has implemented the open source CMS, Drupal, in the newly unveiled version of their site.  London.gov.uk opens more channels to engage Londoners with its first major update since 2001.  The Drupal-powered site features new page navigation, improved accessibility, and additional relevant content.  It sure is good to be a Drupal developer these days.

Ninject 2 Now Final After One Year in Beta
The popular open source dependency injector for .NET known as Ninject has finally reached GA for version 2 after being in beta for about a year.  The reason it took so long was because the author was busy launching a startup.  Ninject 2 is a rewrite of Ninject 1 from the ground up.  You can get Ninject 2 from the GitHub repository.

Five Pervasive Myths About Older Software Developers

Turning 40 soon?  Think its time to be put out to pasture?  Take a look at these older developer misconceptions before selling yourself short.

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