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Daily Dose - SAP CEO Suddenly Resigns

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Daily Dose - SAP CEO Suddenly Resigns

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SAP CEO Suddenly Resigns   
Leo Apotheker just announced he is stepping down as the CEO of SAP.  The SAP executive board has already appointed Co-CEOs to replace him: Bill McDermott, head of field organization, and Jim Hagemann Snabe, head of product development.  There's no word on the reason behind the resignation, but the move does come about a week after SAP announced a 12 percent non-GAAP decrease in operating income for  2009.

Microsoft Linux Sales Booming
Microsoft recently sold nearly all of its SUSE Linux Enterprise Server support coupons.  The $240 million worth of coupons were purchased as part of an indemnification deal with Novell.  Each of the customers has bought an average of half a million dollars worth in coupons.  Microsoft currently ranks third overall in Linux sales.  Red Hat ranks number one.

Skype to Support 3G Calls in iPhone App
Skype has announced via its blog that it is going to release a new version of it's iPhone app soon that supports 3G calling.  This is now possible because Apple has begun allowing VoIP over 3G.  Apps like Fring have already implemented this on the iPhone, but Skype is holding back their app so that they can work on it and get the best call quality possible through wideband audio.

OpenSUSE 11.3 Makes M1
The OpenSUSE team has reached the first milestone on their version 11.3 roadmap to a late May final release.  Milestone 1 uses the 2.6.32 Linux kernel, GNOME 2.29.5, and KDE 4.4.  OpenSUSE 11.3 M1 is the first release to include the LXDE lightweight desktop environment, which is designed for computers that are light on the hardware, like netbooks.  Finally, the browser has been updated to Firefox 3.6

Amazing HTML5 paint app
There's a free new basic paint web app available that was made using HTML5.  You have no excuse to keep using Microsoft Paint now.

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