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Daily Dose - Google Seeks Chrome Patents

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Daily Dose - Google Seeks Chrome Patents

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Google Seeks Chrome Patents   
At least four patent applications have been filed by Google relating to their Chrome browser technology.  Three are related to the Google Native Client, which lets downloaded software modules run directly on a processor.  The fourth patent is related to O3D, which takes advantage of 3D acceleration hardware.  Google isn't known for being litigious when it comes to its patents, which is good since they recently acquired the patent for their own brand of MapReduce.

SourceForge Backpedals on Blocking
A few weeks ago, SourceForge blocked countries such as Iran, North Korea, and Cuba from accessing their site.  We don't know if the open source community's outcry had anything to do with it, but SourceForge recently informed users that they would now have the freedom to choose which countries could see their code.  The SourceForge administrators believe that this option is the best compromise between legal requirements and the open source ethics of their community.

Torvalds: "Nexus One is a Winner"

Amid the infuriated customers seeking better service and the 3G woes, Nexus One got a big fat +1 on its stock today.  Ordinary customers may not care, but the tech-heads will take note when they hear that Linus Torvalds, the Linux kernel project lead, said that Google's Nexus One was more than just a nice phone, it was enough to make him warm up to mobile phones in general.  Apparently Torvalds isn't a fan of smartphones or mobile phones.  Now he says that the Google navigation capabilities, which make the Nexus One function as a GPS for the car, are what really make Nexus One "a winner" for him.

BlackBerry Being Tested for Spyware Vulnerabilities
A Veracode Research specialist is starting a defensive research project to see if the BlackBerry's RIM operating system is vulnerable to spyware.  A BlackBerry-specific spyware was just released to try and prove that security holes exist.  The BlackBerry sandbox is effective at keeping malware out of the OS level, but data can be still be stolen from the sandbox, says Tyler Shields, the Veracode researcher.  Shields says he's going to use his blueprint for BlackBerry malware to remotely dump all the contents, send them via email, and conduct phone message monitoring in real-time.

Amazing HTML5 paint app
Its the top link on DZone for the second day in a row.  Go play with this slick little app and have a look at the code. 

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