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Daily Dose - Simon Phipps' Last Day at Sun

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Daily Dose - Simon Phipps' Last Day at Sun

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Simon Phipps' Last Day at Sun  
Just a few months short of his 10th anniversary, Simon Phipps is retiring from Oracle (formerly Sun) according to his blog.  For five years Phipps was the Chief Open Source Officer at Sun, and while he was there he helped liberate many technologies from proprietary licenses, including Unix, Java, key elements of Linux, and the SPARC chip.  He also helped create the GPL v3 open source license.  Phipps also mentioned some of the disappointments in his time at Sun, which included Apache not getting the TCK license they requested, never having co-developers as a priority for various product teams, and not getting "the code for some of those projects permanently outside the Sun firewall."  Many of the comments on Phipps' farewell blog post pay tribute to the man who helped make Sun one of the most (if not the most) influential open source companies to date.

Google Wants to PuSH the Web
A senior product manager at Google recently discussed the company's plans to publish a new standard protocol for indexing web content.  The PubSubHubbub ( PuSH) project is developing a real-time syndication protocol that will allow web publishers to automatically submit new content to be indexed by Google almost immediately after it's published.  Google hopes that PuSH will replace the crawling links that currently index the web for search engines.  

Apache Closes Security Hole Quickly
The Apache HTTP Server project just released an update that patches a serious security hole for its Windows version.  The problem was in the core module of the mod_isapi Apache package.  An Australian research firm showed that one could trigger a vulnerability in this package that would unload the target Internet Server API .dll module from memory.  Function pointers would remain in memory, resulting in a dangling pointer breach.  The newly released version 2.2.15 closes this security hole and it is highly recommended that users of the HTTP server upgrade as soon as possible.  

Fedora 13 Arrives in Alpha
The first pre-release of Fedora 13 Linux has arrived with all of the major new features included.  The current alpha supports GNOME 2.30, KDE 4.4, and Moblin 2.2.  A pre-release of Linux 2.6.33 is used in Fedora 13 along with the latest versions of Python 2.x and 3.x.  A full new feature list can be found on the Fedora website. The beta release is expected in April and a final release is expected in May.  

Software patents
Another post arguing against Software Patents. 

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