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Daily Dose - Schwartz: Apple and Microsoft Tried to Sue Me Too!

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Daily Dose - Schwartz: Apple and Microsoft Tried to Sue Me Too!

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Johnathan Schwartz, the former CEO of Sun recently said what he couldn't say about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates when he was with the company.  "I feel for Google," said Schwartz, "Steve Jobs threatened to sue me, too."  Jobs called Schwartz in 2003 when Sun unveiled a prototype Linux desktop called Project Looking Glass.  Jobs told Schwartz that Sun was infringing on Apple's graphical patents and that if they tried to commercialize it, Jobs said, "I'll just sue you."  According to the blog, Schwartz returned fire saying that the technology in some Mac computers appeared to violate Suns patents.  "Steve was silent" after that comment, said Schwartz.  Bill Gates tried to offer an Intellectual Property license for OpenOffice because he saw Microsoft patents in Sun's open source office software.  Schwartz didn't take the deal because Sun would have had to pay a royalty to Microsoft for every download.  The moral of the story was: if you have enough defensive patents, you can infringe on other ones without fear.  Sucks for the startups though.

Another Technology Called "Harmony"
Mainsoft recently announced a free tool called Harmony for Microsoft's Outlook.  It could be a big help for organizations that are trying to keep using Outlook in tandem with other business web apps like Google Docs.  Harmony provides interoperability between Outlook, Google Docs, and Microsoft SharePoint.  Harmony brings a sidebar into Outlook that lets users access shared documents in one place without having to share them as email attachments.  

Update to MPL
Mozilla just launched an effort to update to their public license, which is currently ten years old.  The Mozilla Public License won't get any major changes because it has lasted for so long while being largely unchanged.  Mozilla intends to "modernize, maintain and simplify" the license.  They might also make it compatible with Apache's license.  The foundation will try and complete the update process by October or November.

First Jetpack SDK Milestone
The Jetpack project is taking flight at Mozilla, past the prototyping stage where it will become the new foundation for Firefox extensibility.  The APIs aren't ready for building rich add-ons yet, but it currently includes a set of command line tools and an IDE.  The Jetpack SDK is much more developer-friendly when it comes to developing browser add-ons in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ehcache 2.0 Gets More 'Enterprisey' Features
If you haven't done so already, check out the new features in Ehcache 2.0, which was just released.  The software is free to download and it's the first major update since it was acquired by caching powerhouse, Terracotta.

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