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Daily Dose - Simon Phipps Elected to OSI Board of Directors

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Daily Dose - Simon Phipps Elected to OSI Board of Directors

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Just a few days after leaving Oracle, Simon Phipps, who served as the Chief Open Source Officer at Sun for nearly ten years, has been elected to the Open Source Initiative (OSI) board of directors.  Phipps intends to help the organization become more active in promoting open source education and possibly in promoting organizational support for open source projects.  He will take his place on the board starting April 1st.

Opera Mini 5 Beta Makes it Onto Android and Other Platforms
The mobile Opera Mini 5 browser is now available for Java-enabled phones, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and Android.  Opera Mini uses the company's special servers which compress webpages for low-bandwidth browsing.  This is the same technique used in Opera 10.5's Turbo feature and it is especially useful for hardware-limited mobile devices.  Opera plans to submit the Opera Mini 5 browser to the iPhone App store later this year, but no one is sure whether or not Apple will approve it.  Even if it passes all the requirements, Apple still has the right to block it.  You now can get Opera Mini 5 from the Android Marketplace.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions… W3C Launches Incubator Group for Them
The W3C recently announced the creation of the "Decisions and Decision-Making Incubator Group."  Their mission is to "determine the requirements, use cases, and a representation of decisions and decision-making in a collaborative and networked environment suitable for leading to a potential standard for decision exchange, shared situational awareness, and measurement of the speed, effectiveness, and human factors of decision-making."  If you didn't understand all that (and I don't blame you), basically they've created a group for making better decisions faster… I think.

Liferay Goes LGPL
Portal software company, Liferay, is moving its licensing from MIT (X11) to the LGPL.  The move was announced recently because the MIT license was allowing vendors to redistribute the software without any compensation to Liferay.  The company also believes that the new license will facilitate Liferay's plans to develop a plug-in architecture and improve tooling and APIs, allowing users to modify the software for internal use.

NOSQL Movement - Excited with the coexistence of Divergent Thoughts

Debasish Ghosh is excited about the unique ideas around data storage that each different NoSQL data store is bringing to the table.

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