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Daily Dose - ASP.NET MVC 2 Has Arrived

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Daily Dose - ASP.NET MVC 2 Has Arrived

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Microsoft just released the second major version of ASP.NET MVC.  An alternative to HTML abstraction development in ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC 2 is used in cases where control over the HTML and precise layer separation are more important than productivity.  The new version features support for lambda expressions in the HTML input helpers, new validation technology, async controllers, auto-scaffolding UI helpers, jQuery 1.4 support, and webpage subsection rendering.  For more info on the new features read " What's new in ASP.NET MVC 2".  ASP.NET MVC 2 is available under the Microsoft Public License at CodePlex.

CodePlex Foundation Board Shrinks
The Microsoft-backed open source organization, CodePlex, announced the completion of its reorganization.  The board has now shrunk to five positions.  Novell VP Miguel de Icaza, along with two Microsoft representatives and a member from DotNetNuke have stepped down.  The new members include Sam Ramji (formerly Microsoft), Stephanie Davies Boesch (Microsoft), Jim Jagielski (SpringSource, Apache), and Tony Hey (Microsoft).  The fifth seat will be left open while the Foundation searches for corporate sponsors.

Apple Doesn't Want Safari to Suck for Pwn2Own
Apple has closed 16 vulnerabilities in its Safari browser two weeks before the Pwn2Own browser hacking contest begins in Vancouver.  Apple is hoping to regain Safari's honor, or at least avoid embarrassment similar to the defeats in 2008 and 2009.  At the 2008 Pwn2Own event, Charlie Miller hacked into a Mac via Safari in just a few minutes.  In 2009, Miller did it again - in ten seconds!  This year, Miller predicts Safari will be the first to fall, but Apple's doing everything it can to prevent that. 

Google Announces Test Runner for Sputnik
Sputnik is a JavaScript compliance test suite for browser vendors that was launched by Google last summer.  Recently, Google released a test runner that makes it much easier to run Sputnik from your browser.  Sputnik covers testing for every aspect of ECMAScript 3 (over 5,000 tests) and Google is working to bring it in line with the newly approved ECMAScript 5.  Sputnik's mission is to encourage compatibility between browser vendors.  Hint, hint.. Explorer.

Multiverse: Open Source Software Transactional Memory for Java. Interview with creator
This is an interview with Peter Veentjer, the lead developer of an open source project called Multiverse, which has to do with transactional memory for Java.

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