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Daily Dose - Apple Doesn't Win Case Against Users of "i"

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Daily Dose - Apple Doesn't Win Case Against Users of "i"

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An Australian trademarks office blocked Apple's actions to stop a small company from trademarking "DOPi" as a name for its laptop bags and cases for Apple devices.  You may notice that DOPi is iPod spelled backwards, so that's why Apple thought the name was too similar to their product.  Apple's lawyers said that people might confuse DOPi products for Apple ones.

China Says There Will Be Consequences if Google.cn Stops Censoring
Some analysts are predicting that Google will stop filtering results for the Chinese version of its search engine before the end of the month.  Google has been in talks with Chinese officials about offering an uncensored search engine in China.  The minister of Industry and IT, Li Yizhong, recently said that there would be "consequences" if Google didn't "respect Chinese laws."

i4i Wins Another Round in Microsoft Infringement Lawsuit
In the patent infringement case that forced Microsoft to remove certain XML editing capabilities features from Word, the plaintiff company, i4i has won another victory.  A second federal appeals court recently issued an opinion upholding the lower court's decision, which said that Microsoft was obligated to pay $290 million in damages and remove the patented features.  This is the third judge that found Microsoft guilty of infringement, but the chairman of i4i expects that Microsoft will pursue its appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

Will the iPhone Finally Get Multitasking?
A report from Appleinsider states that sources close to Apple are saying that multitasking support will be coming to the iPhone with the 4.0 firmware release.  People with jailbroken iPhones have been able to multitask very easily with the iPhone, but Apple has been holding back because of issues around battery life and performance, they say.  Since the iPad currently runs the iPhone OS, it should get multitasking as well.

Winstone: The Smaller, Faster, Lighter Servlet Container
There's a new servlet container in town, and it's called Winstone.  It's memory footprint can be as small as 167KB.

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