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Daily Dose - IBM Stops Disclosing Number of U.S. Employees

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Daily Dose - IBM Stops Disclosing Number of U.S. Employees

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IBM has recently stopped providing breakouts of the US employee numbers in its annual report.  The company has shown steady hiring outside of the US, especially in India, but the US workforce has been declining.  US policymakers fear that IBMs hiding of their numbers will make it harder to understand the labor market signals.  IBM said that since some of their competitors report headcount globally, they too would report it globally.

Silverlight Coming to Symbian

At the MIX 2010 conference this week, Microsoft is expected to launch a beta of Silverlight for the Symbian mobile operating system.  Microsoft initially posted the link to the beta on March 11th, but quickly pulled it down.  Nokia and Microsoft announced that they would work to bring Silverlight to the Symbian platform two years ago.

GateIn 3.0 Goes GA
The GateIn portal, which now consists of eXo and JBoss portal technology, has just announced the final release of its 3.0 version.  The platform supports both gadget and portlet models for development as well as any JVM language.  GateIn is available for download under the LGPL license.

Squeak 4.0 Scampers Out Under New License
Squeak 4.0 is now dual-licensed under the MIT and Apache licenses.  Squeak is an open source implementation of the Smalltalk language and runtime.  There are no new features in 4.0 other than the re-licensing, but developers will soon release Squeak 4.1 with the new features they've been working on.  The two new licenses replace Squeak's exclusive SqL (Squeak License) and the Apple Public Source License.  Squeak 4 is available now for Mac, Linux, Windows, and Unix.

Play! framework usability - details matter as much as features; this framework Just Works.

Why is Play! a better Java web app framework?  Its supporters say usability is a key differentiator.  

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