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Daily Dose - Gosling Has Faith in Oracle, Not the JCP

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In his first public address since Oracle's acquisition of Sun, Java creator James Gosling assured developers that Java was in good hands with Oracle.  Gosling, however, did not have nice things to say about the Java Community Process.  "It's just gotten complicated," Gosling said when speaking about his decision not to join.  Many members of the Java community have a similar opinion - that the process is broken, and Oracle needs to fix it.  Gosling is now the CTO of Oracle's client software group.

.NET on Android?  It's True
Novell's Mono open source project, MonoDroid, is planning to release a preview in August according to Miguel de Icaza, VP of development at Novell.  MonoDroid is basically Mono running on Android along with the Mono APIs which can talk to the Android APIs, allowing .NET developers to write Android apps.  The Mono project is also developing a version of Silverlight for the iPhone in August.  But if Flash can't make it on the iPhone, how can Silverlight (or open source Moonlight) do it?

Add-on Challenge
Mozilla recently announced an Add-on Challenge for Firefox Mobile (aka. Fennec).  A Mozilla product marketing manager says that Firefox Mobile would benefit from add-ons that integrate with the address book, camera, or use js-ctypes.  Each winner will receive some Fennec swag and a new Nokia N900 - the only phone that can run Firefox Mobile so far.  

Google Code Turns 5
It has officially been five years since the launch of Google Code project hosting, and to celebrate, Google brought out the cake (see figure on the right).  When the portal first started, there were only eight APIs on it along with a few company projects.  Now the site holds over 60 APIs and receives more than 4 billion hits per day.  There are more than 240k registered projects and about 17k commits per day.  Major Google projects like Android, Chrome, GWT, and Chrome OS are hosted on the site as well.  The biggest news was the increase in allowed code storage from 1GB to 2GB.

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