Daily Dose - HTC Prepares to Defend Itself Against Apple

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Daily Dose - HTC Prepares to Defend Itself Against Apple

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Taiwanese handset maker, HTC, released a statement listing all the "firsts" that they achieved in mobile device manufacturing as a response to Apple's claim that HTC is stealing their ideas (and the pending lawsuit).  "We feel confident in our innovation and our ability to defend ourselves in this case," Jason Mackenzie, VP of HTC's U.S. business.  HTC says it is preparing to use all the legal tools they have at their disposal.

W3C Invites Microsoft to Create Incubator Group for OData
A few days ago Microsoft announced its OData protocol to enable interoperability in public or commercial data.  During the announcement, Microsoft said it was hoping to engage with the IETF and the W3C to get broader OData adoption.  Ian Jacobs, the head of W3C communications just responded to Microsoft's offer in a blog post.  Jacobs recommends that Microsoft form an Incubator Group for the specification and follow the W3C process.  The web development community will be anxious to see if Microsoft becomes a more active participant in web standards working groups like the W3C.

Google TV: Android
In an effort trigger the mass adoption of web-on-television platforms, Google is creating its own TV platform based on the Android OS.  Google will work with Intel and Sony to develop Google TV, which will combine television, web apps, web video, and other content on websites.  Logitech is in charge of making the keyboard remote control.  The final version will use Chrome ported to Android, rather than Android's WebKit browser.

OVA Looks to Wikipedia for More Ogg Adoption
The Open Video Alliance recently launched the "Let's Get Video On Wikipeida" site in an effort to increase the adoption of Ogg Theora video.  This is the latest development in a war between two camps that support H.264 (a patented codec) for the standard HTML5 <video> tag or Ogg Theora (most likely not patented).  OVA is comprised of Mozilla, Kaltura, the Participatory Culture Foundation, and the Yale Law School's Information Society Project.  OVA wants people to start putting more video on Wikipedia using the Ogg Theora format, hoping it will increase adoption.  The site provides tools and instructions on how to encode Ogg Theora video.  Wider adoption than H.264 will be tough since the biggest video site (YouTube) is already encoding all its HTML5 video in H.264.

Why doesn’t (JPA, JMA, JTA, EJB, JSF, CDI) work? JEE is “Too Complicated”
Looks like there's flame war over "heavyweight" vs "lightweight" Java containers.

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