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Daily Dose - Chrome Usage Keeps Growing, IE Keeps Dwindling

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Daily Dose - Chrome Usage Keeps Growing, IE Keeps Dwindling

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Chrome Usage Keeps Growing, IE Keeps Dwindling  
The February report on NetMarketshare's browser stats show many continuing trends.  Once again, Chrome experienced significant growth at 0.4% upward movement.  The downward movement of Internet Explorer was even more drastic with a 0.5% decrease in market share.  For the second month in a row Firefox took a small hit with 0.2% loss in market share.  Opera and Safari remained relatively stable, but watch out for Opera and Opera Mini if it's allowed onto the iPhone.  The exceptional performance of Opera's JavaScript engine, Carakan, could also lead to more interest.

India is Still Blocking Certain PayPal Transactions
PayPal users have recently been barred from making certain transactions in and out of India.  The Reserve Bank of India recently announced it would allow withdrawals for exports of goods and services within the country.  Unfortunately for some, personal payments are still not working.  A PayPal blog states that the company is implementing new changes to comply with the regulators' requests.  Users will need to fill out an "Export Code" field when they request a withdrawal.  PayPal is also working on getting specific approvals to allow personal inward remittances to India.  Once this is complete, the personal payments should once again be allowed.

LG the First to Get WP7S
LG recently unveiled an early, unnamed prototype handset running the latest unreleased version of the Windows Phone operating system.  The LG handset will be the first phone to run Windows Phone 7 Series and it's due out in Q4 2010.  The new Windows operating system won't be out until September.  The prototype features an HTC-style slide-out keyboard.  

Darcs - the Alternative DRCS

The 2.4 version of darcs was just released, bringing with it a bunch of bug fixes, faster operation of record, revert commands, and an experimental interactive hulk editing process.  Darcs is a distributed revision control system that is designed to replace traditional centralized source control systems like CVS or Subversion.  Currently, the developers say darcs doesn't perform very well on huge repositories, but you can see the benchmarks for other situations on the project wiki.  The easiest way to install darcs is using the Haskell Platform.

Nexus OSS is Here to Save You From Java.net's Maven Hell
There's been several postings on DZone about the Maven project migration efforts from Java.net to Nexus OSS.  Now hear some of Maven creator Jason van Zyl's answers to DZone's questions.

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