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Daily Dose - Hibernate Migrates to JBoss Community

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JBoss has just finished migrating Hibernate.org to the JBoss Community portal, where many other JBoss projects are housed.  The project pages have been transferred to the Magnolia instance and the community wiki is now on the Clearspace instance.  Aside from the sharper look-and-feel of the site, Hibernate.org now has a more stable, collaborative environment that is more tightly integrated with the rest of the JBoss community.

Google Leaving China in April?

The WSJ found a report in the China Business News publication saying that Google would make an announcement on March 22nd about its plans for the Chinese branch.  A source from inside Google says that Google is planning to leave China on April 10th, but no public statement has been made yet.  Eariler this month CEO Eric Schmidt did say that "something will happen soon."  

PHProjekt 6.0 Project Management Tools Ship
The German company Mayflower has completely rebuilt it's PHProjekt management software for version 6.0.  PHProjekt 6 has a better project management focus with an RIA interface plus some Ajax related features like live searching and data recognition.  Adding custom modules is now easier as well, and under the LGPL license, developers can release those modules under a different license.  Mayflower used the Zend Framework, Dojo, TDD, and a MVC architecture to build the new version.

50% Sale on vSphere
Through June 15 of this year, VMware will be selling its vSphere Essentials product for half-price.  vSphere can reduce hardware and operating costs by consolidating and managing application workloads.  The software is aimed at small to medium sized businesses with lower budgets so VMware is hoping that by starting at less than $500 for vSphere, it will increase adoption.  

Sonar 2.0 is Out
The new version of Sonar features analysis for design, architecture, and object oriented metrics.

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