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Daily Dose - De Icaza Interview About .Net Taken Down

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Daily Dose - De Icaza Interview About .Net Taken Down

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In an article titled "Does Windows cost Microsoft opportunities" by the SD Times, Novell VP and Mono Project lead Miguel de Icaza had some strong opinions about Microsoft's handling of the .NET platform.  For reasons unknown, the article has been taken down but is still available on Google's cache.  Here were some of the criticisms de Icaza had:  "Unlike the Java world that is blossoming with dozens of vibrant Java Virtual Machine implementations, the .NET world has suffered by this meme spread by [Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer] that they would come after people that do not license patents from them.  Microsoft has shot the .NET ecosystem in the foot because of the constant threat of patent infringement that it has cast on the system."  de Icaza is a well known open source developer and advocate.  He is also a co-founder of the GNOME desktop project.  de Icaza said that having Mono as the only implementation of the common language infrastructure was proof of the legal wariness surrounding .NET.  Facebook, Google, Ruby on Rails, and Wikipedia could all have been built using .NET, he said.  All of those were missed opportunities, said de Icaza.  Although some parts of .NET were submitted to ECMA and are now royalty-free, de Icaza says that it never went into other areas like APIs, GUI APIs, LINQ, or DLR.  Guess we can't call him a Microsoft apologist any more.

jQueryUI 1.8 Gets New Widgets.  
The jQueryUI interface framework has reached its 1.8 version.  It includes new button and autocomplete widgets.  The Buttons are able to theme HTML elements and use various other HTML elements for radio and check boxes.  Autocomplete can populate suggestions for autocompletion using static JavaScript arrays or dynamic data from a server.  jQueryUI 1.8 also includes a new Position method that allows all widgets to be located relative to another DOM object.  The framework is dual licensed under the MIT or GPLv2

No Fennec for Windows Phone
The Mozilla Mobile team lead announced that Fennec, the mobile version of Firefox, would not be coming to the Windows Phone 7 Series operating system anytime soon.  The team lead said it wouldn't be possible to bring Fennec to WP7S because Microsoft has closed its new mobile platform off to native development.  Until Microsoft releases a native development kit, production cannot continue.

2010 Linux Gurus
The Linux Foundation recently announced the top five Linux.com "Linux Gurus."  Gurus are chosen because of their sharing of knowledge and moderation of Linux.com.  Masen Marshall, a US school district administrator, was awarded the title of Ultimate Linux Guru.  For his reward, he received a Linux laptop signed by Linus Torvalds.  The other four winners included Kunal Bharati, Andrea Benini, Matthew Fillpot, and Dennis Wiesmann.

Selecting framework for JavaBlackBelt.com - experiences on Vaadin
JavaBlackBelt.com takes us through their selection process for the Java framework they would use to make their site.

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