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Daily Dose - Adobe Teases with CS5 Release Date

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Daily Dose - Adobe Teases with CS5 Release Date

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Adobe has launched a teaser site announcing the release date of Creative Suite 5.  The site contains several videos introducing a handful of new features, but the pricing, specs, and other features are being kept under wraps until the launch date presentation on Adobe TV.  A major milestone for the mobile developer community will be Flash CS5, which will provide the means to produce Flash applications that compile for iPhone compatibility.  The site also has a giant timer counting down to April 12.  

GAE SDK 1.3.2  Released
The 1.3.2 version of the Google App Engine SDK is now available for Java and Python runtimes, and it has removed a number of limitations.  A new Blobstore method allows your application to request a blob's content from within the application code.  The SDK also expands the number of ports you can access with the URLFetch API and the mail attachments types for the Mail API.  A new Denial of Service blocking system has been added for improved security.  Finally, there is a new Java version of the Appstats profiling tool.

FreeBSD 7.3 Arrives
The popular Unix-based OS, FreeBSD, reached version 7.3 recently.  FreeBSD 7.3 now uses version 13 of the ZFS file system along with a new boot loader for ZFS and GPT.  The new version also includes Perl 5.10, Sendmail 8.14.4, and ISC BIND DNS 9.4-ESV.  The majority of FreeBSD developers are currently working on version 8.

rPath the Newest Linux Foundation Member
The application release and system automation software vendor, rPath, recently announced that it is joining the Linux Foundation.  rPath develops Linux-based software appliances for x86 hardware.  The rPath chief marketing officer said that being a member will help rPath collaborate with the community of vendors in the Linux Foundation and end users.  

Code Bubbles: An IDE Revolution
This is a must-read interview with the creator of a new paradigm in IDE interaction.

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