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Daily Dose - Councilman Offers to Name Children After Google Founders for Fiber-Optic Network

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Daily Dose - Councilman Offers to Name Children After Google Founders for Fiber-Optic Network

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You may have heard that Google is looking for deserving US cities and towns to host their experimental 1GBps fiber-optic networks.  The competition for these networks is getting intense… and weird.  One local government official in Raleigh, North Carolina has offered to name his unborn children "Sergey" and "Larry" after Google's founders in exchange for building the fiber-optic network in Raleigh.  This may seem cruel to some, but you should know that Google's experimental network would deliver data at speeds 50 to 300 times faster than the average US connection.  DZone's headquarters is based just outside of Raleigh and we would love the fast connection!

Facebook Pushing The Limits on Privacy
The Facebook connect feature has been around for awhile, but this week the Facebook leaders have stated their intentions to make this an opt-out feature instead of an opt-in one.  The Facebook crew says certain pre-approved, third party websites will sign privacy agreements in order to automatically access your general Facebook profile information when you access their sites while logged in to Facebook.  Marshall Kirkpatrick of ReadWriteWeb quoted Barry Schnitt, the Senior Manager, Corporate Communications, and Public Policy manager at Facebook, saying "this has absolutely nothing to do with advertising."  To which Kirkpatrick responded, "Do you buy all that?"

Former IBMer, Rober Moffat, Pleads Guilty to Insider Trading
The former IBM Senior VP, Robert Moffat, plead guilty early this week after being arrested in October 2009 for siphoning non-public financial information to New Castle hedge fund employee Danielle Chiesi.  At the time, Moffat was in acquisition talks with Sun Microsystems and also had access to financial information from Lenovo, AMD, and IBM.  Moffat plead guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit securities fraud and another count of securities fraud.  The latter charge has a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison, but in consideration of Moffat's guilty plea, the government dropped insider trading charges relating to Sun, AMD, Lenovo, and IBM.  The first charge carries a five year maximum penalty, but analysts predict that he could get just six months in prison.  Moffat's attorney said that his client received no money or other financial benefit from his transactions with Ms. Chiesi.

Firefox Known For its Development Tools
A Mozilla survey of over 5000 developers explains the respondents' most popular aspects of Firefox.  90% of the respondents said that the main reason for Firefox's popularity was the large amount of quality web development add-ons.  Tools like Firebug are considered essential by many web developers.  Soon, Mozilla will be creating a more lightweight add-on system that facilitates easier development through the Jetpack project.

NoSQL vs. RDBMS: Let the flames begin!
Looks like this link had more flames directed at the blogger for thinking that you have to choose one or the other: NoSQL or RDBMS.

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