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Daily Dose - Verizon is Possibly Getting Nexus One and so is Europe

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Verizon is Getting Nexus One and so is Europe   
Starting March 23rd, Verizon wireless will begin selling Google's Nexus One phone with its own packages according to an anonymous Google employee.  Another source said that Nexus One had passed FCC inspections for use on the CDMA network that Verizon uses.  Nexus One did not support CDMA on its release date in January.  Finally, a third source said that Nexus One was coming to Europe in April.

StreetView Gets Google in Trouble

After several privacy issues and pictures of people doing strange things, Google's StreetView has now come to the attention of the EU.  The regulators have asked that Google delete raw, uncensored StreetView images within six months after taking them.  However, Google wants to keep the uncensored copies for up to a year for unexplained reasons.  The EU had no problems with the censored pics remaining on the site for as long as they're needed.

Intel Still Uses IE6

Who would believe that a high-profile company like Intel is still using the ancient IE6 browser.  According to a blog post, Intel has been doing a lot of 'heavy lifting' in order to move its systems from IE6 to IE8 and from Windows XP to Windows 7.  Apparently Intel is still trying to solve some known issues with very important applications when they use higher versions of Explorer.

Errai Spreads its Wings
JBoss just announced the 1.0 version of the Errai GWT-based framework.  Errai is built on ErraiBus and provides a unified federation and RPC infrastructure with asynchronous messaging across client and server.  The new version features Async I/O support for Tomcat, JBoss AS, and Jetty.  Errai 1.0 also provides a homogeneous programming model and a Workspaces RAD console/app framework.

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