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Daily Dose - iPad Coming to the US on April 3rd

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Daily Dose - iPad Coming to the US on April 3rd

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iPad Coming to the US on April 3rd   
The Wi-Fi- only version of the iPad is due in the US on April 3rd.  Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland, the US, and the UK will get both the Wi-Fi-only and 3G editions near the end of April  Apple will start taking pre-orders for both models on March 12th.  Another big announcement from Apple today was the remodeling of their Mac Developer program.  The program just got a lot cheaper.

More Fixes for PHP 5.3

The 5.3.2 version of PHP was just released with more than 60 bug fixes.  The new version also includes extensions that support SQLite, libmagic, and PCRE libraries along with cryptographic SHA-256 and SHA-512 (Secure Hash Algorithm) hash functions.  You can download this new maintenance release from PHP.net.

All Six HTML5 Working Drafts Published

The W3C recently published each of the six working drafts for the HTML5 specification along with two other specs that have been controversial as of late.  The HTML+RDFa and HTML Microdata specs have become a proxy for the bigger conflict between the W3C and the WHATWG (the main HTML5 Working Group).  RDFa and Microdata fulfill similar functions but the W3C supports RDFa and Ian Hixon of the WHATWG supports Microdata.  Recently, when Adobe's Larry Masinter lodged a complaint against Microdata, Hixon jumped to conclusions and said that Adobe was trying to block the HTML5 spec.  This however, was not the case.

Windows Phone 7 Loses Backwards Compatibility
We all know that WP7S is a major rewrite of the Windows Mobile OS, but what you didn't know ( until today) is that applications built on the old OS will not run on the new one.  Described as a "clean break" for Mobile Windows, developers who build applications for WP7S will use Silverlight or XNA (the .NET framework used to create Xbox games).  WP7S is fundamentally a different platform, but the good news is that Silverlight developers have become Windows Phone 7 developers overnight.

Empowering Annotations with Groovy Closures
Find out how to use annotations to attach arbitrary code to your program elements using Groovy closures. 

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