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Daily Dose - OSS Victory in Italy, But Trouble Brewing in EU

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Daily Dose - OSS Victory in Italy, But Trouble Brewing in EU

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A law passed by an Italian regional council that made preferences for choosing free software in government systems was recently upheld in a national court.  The Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers challenged the law saying it was anti-competitive.  Because the law did not favor any particular product or brand, the court found no anti-competitive grounds for striking it down.  In other open source news, trouble is brewing for OSS in Europe.  The second draft of the European Interoperability Framework (EIF) has not been changed significantly since November 2009 when the document was modified to let commercial software vendors add patented standards into the open framework.  The first version of the draft did not allow for any patent-encumbered technologies to be a part of the EIF's open standard.

MuleSoft Gets a Big Wad 'o Cash
MuleSoft announced an end to its third round of financing with $12 million gained in venture capital.  SAP Ventures was the main investor for the web middleware company that provides open source software, like MuleESB, and commercial subscriptions.  MuleSoft experienced a 152% growth in subscription revenues last year and now they are aggressively hiring.

MongoDB Secures Commercial Support From 10gen
Just days after announcing their next version release, MongoDB has gained commercial support from the startup 10gen.  The startup expects to grow enterprise adoption of MongoDB, which now has around 30k downloads per month.  The NoSQL data store is currently in use at the New York Times, SourceForge, Electronic Arts, and Boxed Ice.

RHEL 5.5 Gets a Boost From Cutting-Edge Hardware
The 5.5 version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux has just been released.  The Kernel-based VM now supports larger memory systems and better PCI device pass through to guest systems.  RHEL 5.5 also supports the new 8-core Nehalem-Ex chip from Intel along with the AMD 12-core Opeteron 6100 Series and the IBM Power7.

How to Manage Programmers
One developer explains how managers would treat programmers in a perfect world.

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