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Daily Dose - Yahoo's CTO Quits

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Daily Dose - Yahoo's CTO Quits

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Ari Balogh, who joined Yahoo in 2008, has recently resigned from his post as the company's CTO and head of products.  Balogh, who will leave his position on June 3rd, cited personal family reasons for his departure.  Meanwhile, Yahoo is possibly talking to former Microsoft executive Blake Irving about being the replacement for Balogh.

SunSpider Benchmark Changes
The WebKit developers have released update 0.9.1 to the SunSpider JavaScript benchmark to make it more accurate.  The main fix deals with power management.  Previous versions of SunSpider would pause between tests when power management was enabled and the test wouldn't run at full speed.  Now WebKit developers have reduced the delay between tests and the amount of loading done by the benchmark.  The test is now more accurate and runs faster because of these changes.  Other changes correct the errors in HTML5 testing.

MonoTouch 2.0 has iPad Support, But Will it Matter
Adobe wasn't the only group affected by Apple's new terms and conditions for iPhone/iPad development.  This change also affects other "meta-frameworks" like MonoTouch, which compiles C# to native iPhone code.  Mono project leader Miguel de Icaza said this wasn't a problem though because MonoTouch can compile to C and XCode.  Whether or not that statement proves true is crucial to the project's existence.  Recently, Novell announced the availability of MonoTouch 2.0, which adds support for building iPad applications.

Your Cappuccino 0.8 is Ready
Cappucino developers have released version 0.8 of their web framework.  The framework, written in Objective-J, enables the creation of Cocoa-like web applications.  This latest version has automatic spriting, an updated nib2cib command-line tool, new tests and components, and new table view implementations.  Cappuccino 0.8 has no external dependencies when building from a repository.  There are also very few API changes despite the large number of enhancements.

James Gosling: Time to move on...
If you haven't heard, James Gostling resigned from Oracle last week.  Thanks to lhochet for the link.

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