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Daily Dose - How iAds Help Google

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Daily Dose - How iAds Help Google

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Competition is rarely what businesses really want, unless your company is trying to prove that it has a competitive market so that it can complete an acquisition.  Such is the case for Google, who are currently trying to acquire AdMob, a mobile ad company.  In an interview with Reuters, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the newly announced Apple iAds were proof that there is a highly competitive market for mobile advertisements.  If the acquisition does go through, it will be the start of a vicious battle over mobile ad space, with little chance for smaller players to have an impact.

Python 2.7 Beta Number One
The final release of Python 2.7 will be the last version with new features for some time.  Today, the first beta of Python 2.7 was released.  After version 2.7, which already has all of its new features implemented, Python will go into "bug fix-only mode".  2.7 received features that were slated to be in Python 3.1, such as an ordered dictionary type, new syntax with nested statements, and a C based I/O library for higher performance.  The first beta includes improvements to weak reference handling and plenty of bug fixes.

New MacBooks Rumored to be on the Way
There seems to be consensus among rumor mills that a new lineup of MacBooks is on the way.  Several PC makers have already released new machines featuring Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 silicon.  Best Buy is also showing no stock for certain MacBook Pro models, meaning a release could be immanent.

Bespin Update
Although the latest version of Bespin is still "alpha quality" according to the Mozilla developers, the recent 0.7.1 update does have some significant feature additions.  The code base has been consolidated after having embedded versions of Bespin, and numerous changes have been made to the editor.  Developers have already begun updating server code so that Bespin will be ready for the new set of features this year.  Bespin 0.7.1 also has a new plugin system for editing plugins within Bespin.  Bespin 0.7.2 has just arrived with several bug fixes.

Java 1.7 - What's new? Release date, code examples and performance
Since a lot of information about Java 7 is scattered around the web, check out this blog to see a consolidated list of the new features.

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