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Daily Dose - Scala 2.8 RC1

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Daily Dose - Scala 2.8 RC1

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The first release candidate for the Scala 2.8 JVM language has been announced.  2.8 will be a major revision that will not be binary-compatible with the 2.7 branch.  With an optimized compiler, Scala 2.8 will run 50% faster.  The most notable changes include a revamped collections library, support for named and default arguments, a new presentation compiler, and a new build manager.

Opera Kicks Butt on the App Store
Just three days after its launch, the Opera Mini iPhone app has accrued more than one million downloads.  The mobile browser has also topped the download charts in many countries including the US, France, and Germany.  The free app has been downloaded by many iPhone owners, but it wasn't well-received by all of them.

Oracle, Under Pressure, Releases Security Patch for Java
A hole in the Java Web Start component of Oracle's JVM made it easy for hackers to compromise songlyrics.com this week.  The company didn't think that the threat merited an emergency patch, but the pressure from several researchers pushed Oracle to release a patch yesterday.  That makes 20 updates for Java SE 6.

IronRuby is Go in 1.0
The first stable version of the Ruby runtime for .NET's DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) is finally here.  IronRuby 1.0 scored a 98.31% pass rate on the language parts of the RubySpec test with a 85.95% pass rate overall.  IronRuby 1.0 comes in two versions -  one for .NET 4.0 and one for .NET 2.0 SP1.  IronRuby is compatible with Ruby 1.8.6 and Rails 2.3.5.  It is licensed under the Microsoft Public License.

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