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Daily Dose - Apple, Google, Intel, IBM Hiring Practices Under Investigation

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Daily Dose - Apple, Google, Intel, IBM Hiring Practices Under Investigation

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The US Department of Justice is investigating several major software companies according to a report in the Wall Street Journal.  The investigations are aimed at uncovering the details surrounding possible deals between companies not to steal each others' star employees.  Depending on the details, such agreements could be against labor laws.  Google, Apple, and Yahoo were previously investigated in 2009 for similar agreements.

Analyst Says Nexus One = "Big Success"
Jack Gold of J. Gold and Associates says that Google's Nexus One phones have been a huge success despite the fact that they haven't sold nearly as well as the Motorola Droid.  Gold asserts that Google never intended for the Nexus One to be a competitive phone vendor (although it sure seemed like they did back in January).  Instead, Gold believes that the Nexus One was a test run; a chance to test the whole product strategy from the ecosystem, to the software, to hardware, and the customer service (which needed a lot of work).  The early adopters are exactly the type of testers Google would want, said Gold.  They are the most likely customers to give lots of feedback.

Flash Serving App Gets Apple's Blessing
AlwaysOn Technologies' Cloud Browse iPhone/iPad app was approved recently (presumably under the new iPhone T&C).  It's a downloadable, cloud-based browser that lets iPhone and iPad users view sites that use Flash.  The company's servers repurpose Flash and convert it into iPad/iPhone compatible code.  This is possibly the first iPhone app that lets users browse a website using flash without jail breaking.

New Debian Leader
In the Debian Project Leader elections this month, Stefano Zacchiroli stands victorious.  The former co-maintainer of the Package Tracking System, Zacchiroli has contributed to the Debian project for the past nine years.  In that time he has worked in QA, maintenance, and backporting over 90 packages including Vim and various Python packages.  Zacchiroli will take the place of Steve McIntyre, who has been the project leader for the past two years.

WARNING: 5 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Fix A Computer For Free
You may not have thought about these five possible issues with fixing a computer for free.  However, "never" might be taking it a little too far.  Jennifer_EE was the awesome user who posted this.

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