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Daily Dose - Mozilla Research Says Firefox Just Under 40% Market Share in Europe

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Daily Dose - Mozilla Research Says Firefox Just Under 40% Market Share in Europe

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The Mozilla Metrics blog announced the publishing of the foundation's first ever quarterly analyst report on browser share and other internet insights.  The report says that Firefox currently has a global market share of nearly 30% and in Europe, that share is nearly 40%.  Some more interesting stats are included in the report - one source even tracks numbers for Antarctica (Antarctica, why ???) and nearly 80% of the continent's users (probably penguins) prefer Firefox over other browsers (I hear penguins prefer Linux as well).  Mozilla says we can expect similar reports every quarter moving forward.

Opening Up MeeGo Code
The Maemo and Moblin lovechild, MeeGo, has been released by project developers from Nokia and Intel.  The first compiled code distribution is available for Nokia's N900 and Intel's Atom-based netbooks and handsets.  However, there are still some missing elements that developers will have to wait for.  MeeGo currently boots to a terminal.  The OS is included up to and including the middleware layers.

GNOME 2.30 Goes Live
The sources for GNOME 2.30 are now available from the project's FTP page.  Tomboy, Empathy, and Nautilus have received small updates.  There's also partial support now for iPod and iPod Touch devices.  The Epiphany browser can now use the gnome-keyring to remember passwords.  The release team has also announced the release of the GNOME Store, which features GNOME swag.  GNOME 2.30 will be bundled with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Fedora 13.  Version 3.0 is scheduled for September.

JRuby Support Now Available Through Engine Yard
Engine Yard, a commercial hosting service for Ruby on Rails applications, recently launched the first ever developer support service for JRuby, the Ruby JVM implementation.  The JRuby developers currently work at Engine Yard after leaving Sun in 2009.  The service will give customers access to the JRuby experts at Engine Yard starting at $2k per month.  

NIO.2 : The new Path API in Java 7
Instead of using the class File to manipulate a file in the file system, Java 7 will use the Path class to manipulate a file in any file system (FileSystem).

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