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Daily Dose - iPhone 4G Leaked

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Daily Dose - iPhone 4G Leaked

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The fourth generation iPhone was found in a Redwood City bar about a week ago and is now in the hands of Gizmodo, who reported on the story.  All signs indicate that this is the real deal.  All the hardware is next-generation and clearly labeled "Apple" on the authentic-looking innards.  Some notable features include a larger camera lens with a flash (not Adobe's Flash, silly), a secondary mic port for noise cancellation, and 16% more battery capacity.  The only thing that doesn't seem real is the story through which Gizmodo came to posses the iPhone 4G.  A bar?  Really?  Would you expect a loyal Apple employee to screw up this badly?  I know we shouldn't underestimate the stupidity of drunk people, but there's certainly a case to be made for an alternative explanation: that Apple may have staged this leak.  Engadget posted photos over the weekend of the same phone found in a San Jose bar.  Two iPhone 4G's lost over the last week in two different bars?  Doubtful.  One should also consider the fact that when Apple really leaks something by accident, it has no problem issuing a cease and desist.  And how did Gizmodo get the big scoop?  Was it good old-fashioned investigative journalism?  Or was it journalism of a different kind?  You decide.

Sun ODF Plugin for MS Office No Longer Free Under Oracle
Although it was closed source under Sun, the Open Document Format Plugin for Microsoft Office was free.  The application allows users to import and export ODF documents in MS Office.  Now Oracle is charging $90 per user for the download and offering support for $19.80 in the first year.  The website inaccurately states that the application is free, but when you click through you see the payment options.  The minimum order is 100 licenses.  The plug-in is almost as expensive as the cheapest edition of MS Office.

Theora Codec Gets Performance Boost
Matthew Gregan reported on some breakthroughs made in balancing the Theora video codec's load on mobile devices.  Specifically, the experiments have used Texas Instruments' OMAP 3 processor core Digital Signal Processor to take some of the load off the CPU and GPU.  These processors are used in the Motorola Droid, Palm Pre, and Nokia N900.  Since Gregan works for Mozilla, there's always the possibility that this work could be incorporated into Firefox video.

JBoss Also Attacked Through JIRA
Less than a week after the Apache JIRA was compromised by a cross-site scripting attack, another attack was reported - this time the Hibernate JIRA at JBoss was compromised.  The attackers used the same XSS method which has apparently been affecting numerous OSS JIRA instances.  Atlassian and Contegix, the two companies that made Hibernate's JIRA, are working on a solution and Contegix will be upgrading JBoss' JIRA software.  All JBoss users have been asked to reset their passwords as a precaution.

Groovy++ goes APL 2.0!
Alex Tkachman promised it a few months ago, and now he has delivered.  Statically typed Groovy is now open source under the highly-unrestrictive Apache Public License 2.0.  DZone thanks evgenyg for this welcome link.

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