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Daily Dose - Palm Software Lead's Last Day

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Daily Dose - Palm Software Lead's Last Day

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Yesterday was the last day for Michael Abbot, the head of Palm's software and services team.  The news comes as no surprise since Palm has been struggling to stay afloat or possibly get bought out now that their stock is declining.  Palm did however, keep two senior VPs with cash bonuses of $250.  Abbot was the leader of Palm's application platform and services and he was a strong evangelist for WebOS.

Google Buzz is Dominated by Feeds
A report by PostRank finds that a staggering 90% of content published via Google Buzz is produced by bots.  63% comes from Twitter and 27% comes from RSS feeds.  Although it's safe to say that Buzz hasn't had as much traction as Facebook, the reason behind this stat is probably due to the ease of adding RSS and Tweet feeds that keep publishing non-stop.  It's tough for users of any service to compete with automatically published content.

MonoMac Binds to Cocoa
Miguel de Icaza and his team at the Mono project have started work on C# bindings for the Cocoa API in for their new MonoMac project.  Cocoa is one of the Mac OS X's main application frameworks.  The project is currently looking for contributors to help finish the bindings.  .NET people who want to develop for Mac as well as Windows might want to take notice.

Four of the Five Major Browser-makers Support WOFF
Chrome was the fourth browser to declare its support for the Web Open Font Format this week.  The Chromium team has pledged to implement the format.  WOFF allows web designers to embed compressed fonts in their web pages.  The WOFF is already in the process of standardization by the W3C.

JavaFX 1.3 Top 10
The JavaFX 1.3 SDK was unexpectedly released yesterday with significant improvements for a such a small codebase.

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