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Daily Dose - Android Market Reaches 50k Apps; Development Accelerates

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Daily Dose - Android Market Reaches 50k Apps; Development Accelerates

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Stats from androlib.com show that the Android Marketplace has surpassed 50k Apps, and app production has been accelerating.  In December there were around 4,000 new Android apps.  Each of the last two months have seen over 8,000 new apps accepted into the Marketplace.  The only other platform with this much growth is the iPhone, which has had over 85k new apps added to the App Store this year.  

Mac Opens Up Video Acceleration to Flash and Other Programs
A new video decoding and acceleration framework written in C was revealed on Apple's Mac OS reference library.  It's been the case for awhile that Flash video underperforms on Mac OS X because Apple would not allow it to access some of the APIs for hardware acceleration.  Now it seems that Apple is doing Adobe a big favor behind the scenes with this new interface, which will allow Flash to significantly boost performance on a Mac.  Adobe plans to release an additional Flash Player update after version 10.1 is released that will include support for hardware acceleration on a Mac. 

Israel Unbans the iPad
Because Israel was concerned that the iPad could disrupt other wireless devices, they banned the iPad two weeks ago and began confiscating some devices.  This week they lifted the ban on the iPad.  However, there are still limits on the iPad:  only one per person.  High demand for the iPad in the US has delayed the international release until May 10th, when Apple will start taking pre-orders.

Police Are on the Case of the $5,000 iPhone 4G
California authorities are investigating the story of an iPhone 4G that was allegedly found in a Redwood City bar and sold to Gizmodo for $5,000.  Their parent company, Gawker Media, hasn't been contacted yet by authorities and it's not clear whether the website is being investigated or the anonymous seller of the phone (or both).  The investigation started when Apple spoke with the Santa Clara police.  According to California law, the authorities might have a case against both Gizmodo and the seller.

7 jQuery Cheatsheets For Every Designer & Developer to Have
Take a look at these 7 handy cheatsheets for jQuery and keep them on hand.  You can thank Shellmon for the link.

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