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Daily Dose - Lucid Lynx Officially on the Prowl

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Daily Dose - Lucid Lynx Officially on the Prowl

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Two years after the last Ubuntu Long Term Service release, Canonical has delivered the next version of Ubuntu that comes with three years of desktop support and five years of server support.  Codenamed 'Lucid Lynx', the 10.04 release of Ubuntu LTS features a new look, better hardware support, a new installer, and tighter Ubuntu One integration.  Based on the 2.6.32 Linux kernel, 10.04 has more new features than previous LTS releases, which were normally focused on stability.  The release of some versions of 10.04 might be delayed due to a last minute bug in the GRUB bootloader.

FSFE Awarded German Medal of Honor
For his work with open standards and FOSS, the Free Software Foundation of Europe founder Georg Greve was just awarded the German Medal of Honor.  Greve, who is also a physicist, founded the FSFE in 2001.  He was also a United Nations committee member and the founder of the FSFE's Freedom Task Force.

Why Wait for Flash on Android When You Can Have it Now
The mobile browser company called Skyfire just released Skyfire 2.0, which can run Flash video on the Android OS.  The feature even works on Android versions as low as 1.6; Flash 10.1 won't be available on anything lower than 2.0 (It also won't run on most Android phones' hardware).  Skyfire does this by transcoding (via cloud infrastructure) Flash into HTML5 or another format using H.264.  The browser also has a variety of social features, pinch to zoom, and up to 8 tabs for browsing.  Skyfire plans to make a version for the iPhone soon as well.

New Test Suite for IPv6
A new tool that allows custom generation of tests based on a user's existing IPv4 network traffic is now available from Mu Dynamics.  The tools could help network operators migrate to IPv6 by automating test case creation for IPv6 or dual-stack environments that run IPv4 and IPv6.  Many analysts say that IPv4 addresses will run out in 2011 or 2012.

5 awesome HTML5 demos
For HTML5 you get 5 tantalizing demoes.  mirkohumbert brought you this link.

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