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Daily Dose - Opera Alerts Microsoft About IE, Microsoft Criticizes Chrome

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Daily Dose - Opera Alerts Microsoft About IE, Microsoft Criticizes Chrome

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Opera has notified the EU and Microsoft about a potential problem in Microsoft's European browser ballot, according to the Register.  Opera says that the ballot screen is being hidden behind an IE configuration wizard in a few cases.  Those cases occur if a user has IE set as their default browser and has never configured it for use; so it's a very rare case.  Meanwhile, Microsoft is alerting internet users to Chrome's data-gathering search bar.  Internet Explorer product manager Pete LePage has posted a video showing that Chrome sends data back to Google as you type words into the search bar (Omni Box) before you press enter.  However, after privacy complaints from the first version of Chrome, Google started storing only a random 2% of data that is typed in the Omni Box, which is anonymized after one day.  Google's data helps it suggest urls and search terms, but it also provides data on the broader habits of web users and drives more people to its search.  With all of this data anonymized after 24 hours, there may not be a lot of privacy concern despite LePage's video titled: "Google Chrome Steals Your Privacy."

A New Portal for Web App Security Ratings

A fellow from Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society has helped design a website to provide information about the privacy and security risks of various web applications.  Reviews will be written by a team of 15 lawyers, computer scientists, and security experts from Stanford and other institutions.  Users will also be able to rate a web app's security and privacy.  The site, called WhatApp?, also reviews browsers, mobile platforms, and social networking sites.  The site even features its own web app to notify you when an application gets a stamp of approval or a penalty box for privacy and security features.

Mozilla Won't Copy Chrome and Mate With Flash
Last week, Google announced that it would fold the Flash plugin into its browser and bundle Flash updates with Chrome updates.  Mozilla won't be following in Chrome's footsteps: "Mozilla has no current plans to bundle Flash with Firefox downloads," according to a Mozilla email reply to the Register.  However, both Google and Firefox are working on out-of-process plugins (OOPP), which will separate plugins from the browser to solve some of the biggest problems with plugins: security and crashing the browser.

Multitouch Lawsuit Now Aimed at Apple
Taiwanese chipmaker Elan Microelectronics has filed suit against Apple, claiming that they were granted a patent for multitouch functionality in 1998.  Elan brought a lawsuit against Synaptics in 2008 for the same patent and won.  But why file suit now?  Why not years ago when the multitouch devices emerged from several device makers?  This news sure is convenient for Google and HTC - the latter (a manufacturer for many Android handsets) is  being sued by Apple at the same time that Android is beginning to challenge the iPhone for market share.

BubbleUp jQuery Plugin to Spice Up Your Menu
The BubbleUp jQuery plugin is now more flexible and easier to customize when making your site's icons expand during mouseover.  Thanks to lamnguyen for posting this link.

"I love writing authentication and authorization code." ~ No Developer Ever. Try Okta Instead.


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