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Daily Dose - Microsoft Turns on Silverlight 4 April 13

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Daily Dose - Microsoft Turns on Silverlight 4 April 13

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The final launch date for Silverlight 4 has been set for April 13.  This doesn't mean for sure that Silverlight 4 will be available on that date because of the way Microsoft does its launches - it could be downloadable after, during, or possibly before April 13.  The day before that, Microsoft is holding its make-or-break Visual Studio 2010 launch, which is the same day as Adobe's CS5 Launch.  Busy week.

FSF and Eclipse Declare EPL and GPL "Incompatible" for Plugins
The Free Software Foundation and Eclipse Foundation finally answered the Eclipse community's burning question: "Can you distribute an Eclipse plugin under the GPL?"  The answer: unequivocally, no.  The two foundations said the licenses are "inherently incompatible" when it comes to plugins.  This is because plugins are fundamentally "linked" to Eclipse code, while other GPL software interacts through pipes or sockets such as GCC and GDB.  The linking constitutes a derivative work, the two foundations said.  

GroundWork Works with Eucalyptus
GroundWork Open Source (GWOS), a network management software provider, announced an alliance with Eucalyptus, an open source cloud deployment company.  The partnership will allow GWOS to get its monitoring and management software into the Eucalyptus' private cloud environment.  Eucalyptus customers will be able to monitor their private IaaS clouds (made from Eucalyptus' software) and public clouds.  The GroundWork Monitor Enterprise Cloud Beta Programme is free with the completion of a one-page survey.

Office Open XML Not Getting Standardized
Alex Brown, the co-inventor of OOXML says that the project is "heading for failure".  Microsoft's standard is failing to implement transformations necessary to becoming an ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) standard.  The 2010 version of Office is using an earlier version of OOXML that was rejected by the ISO, so the company seems to be backpedalling.  Although many experts at Microsoft are committed to open standards, said Brown, the decision makers at Microsoft don't seem interested in any further attempts to standardize OOXML.

Hudson Lead Developer Leaves Oracle
The Hudson project lead at Oracle has moved on to bigger and better things.  Namely, a bigger and better Hudson startup project.

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