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Daily Dose - The iPhone 4 Cometh

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Daily Dose - The iPhone 4 Cometh

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The iPhone 4.0 SDK beta is here and yes, it comes with multitasking - sort of.  It's not true multitasking because it's not the type of free-for-all that would drain the battery and crash the system.  Basically, it pauses applications so you can run parts of them in the back ground (music, downloading, VoIP, Push and Local Notifications, Task completion, and a few others).  In previous versions of the iPhone it would close email, for example, if you clicked on a link that opens a web browser.  Apps can also be completely paused so they're restored to the exact saved state when you reopen them.  There are also local notifications to keep track of what's happening in other opened apps.  Double-clicking the home button will open a tray that shows all of your running applications.  There are also new folders for apps, new mail and ebook apps, custom backgrounds, a game center, bluetooth keyboards, and iAd advertising.  iAds were another announcement today.  Apple says it will host and deliver advertisements in applications as long as the developer is willing to give Apple a 40% cut of the sales.

IE 9: Hardware Accelerated
There have been around 770k downloads of the IE9 preview, Microsoft says.  This week the lead performance manager for Internet Explorer, Jason Weber, blogged about the performance statistics of IE9's hardware acceleration capabilities.  The main focus is to take advantage of modern chip architectures and harness multiple cores, something that other browsers haven't done yet.  Weber also showed graphs that reveal IE9's usage of both the CPU and GPU.  IE9's graph looks vastly different from other browsers.

Google Criticizes UK's Digital Economy Bill
Today Google criticized the recently passed Digital Economy Bill for giving the UK government the ability to block websites that are 'likely to be used' for copyright infringement.  The clause in the bill that allows this was added just 24 hours before the vote in the Parliment's House of Lords.  Google stated its case by saying: “We absolutely believe in the importance of copyright, but blocking through injunction creates a high risk that legal content gets mistakenly blocked, or that people abuse the system.”

EC2 Adds "Stickiness" and MapReduce Cluster Config

After adding their Simple Notification System yesterday, Amazon has announced support for session stickiness in Elastic Load Balancing.  Now, instead of load balancers routing each request independently to EC2 instances with the least amount of load, you can add your own configuration to the load balancer to bind user sessions to specific application instances.  The user requests will then "stick" to the same application instance.  Amazon also added a new Bootstrap Actions feature in Elastic MapReduce that lets you run custom set-up before your job flow is executed.

How I got sued by Facebook
Learn what happens when you mess with Facebook's coveted user data.


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