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Daily Dose - Good-gle Gives Back to Linux

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What every Java engineer should know about microservices: Reactive Microservices Architecture.  Brought to you in partnership with Lightbend.

The official Linux tree will be getting a nice present from Google very soon.  The company recently assigned two developers to begin integrating features back into the Linux tree that Google created in its Android Linux kernel development.  Integrating some of the patches into the official Linux kernel will facilitate the merging of several drivers.  Even Google's code expects at least one round of revision.  Hopefully, the collaboration problems of the past will not impede the addition of Android drivers this time.  The recent allegations of Android's patent infringement by Microsoft might also throw a monkey wrench in the code exchange.

Did the Netbook Market Just Peak?
A recent IDC report shows that Atom processor shipments are plateauing, which could mean that the Netbook craze has come and gone.  Atom processors are a common Intel component for notebooks.  As a percentage of Intel mobile processors shipped, Atom chips fell 4% in the last quarter.  Netbooks don't have a corporate market, so regular consumers are buying them and that tends to fluctuate with the seasons.  Another reason for the drop-off could be the competition from the iPad.

Lawsuit Over Linux Ejection from PS3
Anthony Ventura is suing Sony for a breach of contract when it kicked Linux out of the Play Station 3 gaming system.  Ventura says he bought a PS3 mainly because he could install Linux, and that was false advertising now that Linux can't be run on the PS3 without giving up valuable features.  Now over 100 people have joined the class action lawsuit.

Rackspace Integrates Email Hosting With Spiceworks
Spiceworks' free social IT management application now offers small and medium businesses Rackspace email hosting through a new integration.  The Spiceworks faithful can now simply monitor cloud email services right in their IT management interface - no second interface required.  Since Rackspace also includes Microsoft Exchange services, that service is also available through Spiceworks.  Spiceworks' strategy is to provide a single interface for all on-premises and cloud technologies.

Do You Like Pain?
Apparently some programmers do, because they are forced to work with slow technology or choose too.

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