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Daily Dose - Developers Fix Drupal Module and Save Whitehouse.gov

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Daily Dose - Developers Fix Drupal Module and Save Whitehouse.gov

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The Drupal Context module is a release candidate, but it is still in use on many sites including the White House website.  Earlier this week, a cross-site scripting vulnerability was discovered in the module.  Now the development team behind the Context module has released version 6.x-2.0-rc4, which fixes the XSS vulnerability.  

Fedora 14 Named "Laughlin"
With Fedora 13 being released next week, project developers have chosen a codename for the next version, Fedora 14.  The developers chose the name "Laughlin," after Robert B. Laughlin, a professor of Physics and Applied Physics at Stanford University.  Both Goddard (Fedora 13) and Laughlin follow the theme of physicists, but Laughlin was chosen because it refers to a concept which says the 'whole is more than the sum of its parts.'  The developers say that "Fedora is more than the sum of its software."

Free Extensions for OpenOffice
The Free Software Foundation has started a list of free extensions for OpenOffice.  Some are proprietary, but none cost money - unlike the Microsoft ODF plugin, which now costs $90 from Oracle.  The FSF is currently seeking volunteers to check the licensing on more OpenOffice extensions to see if they're free and open source.  The FSF will also ask users to help develop free replacements for proprietary extensions.

A New Tribe of Web Servers
The 1.0 version of the Cherokee project has just been released after the first International Cherokee Summit.  A possible competitor to the Apache HTTP server, Cherokee supports a bunch of widespread technologies including FastCGI, SCGI, PHP, CGI, SSI, TLS and SSL encrypted connections, Virtual hosts, Authentication, on the fly encoding, Apache compatible log files, and more.  In addition, it has an efficient in-memory cache, database balancing, integrated HTTP Load Balancing, reverse HTTP proxy, bandwidth shaping, audio and video streaming, transfer status reporting, and uWSGI support.  Cherokee also lets you configure the entire server without needing to edit a text config file.

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