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Daily Dose - No Closures in Java 7 After All?

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Daily Dose - No Closures in Java 7 After All?

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David Flanagan doesn't seem to think so.  The programming consultant and writer for O'Reilly Media shared some frustrating observations about the lack of progress on Project Lambda this week.  Currently at version 0.15, Project Lambda's mailing list activity has been dwindling because Oracle engineers have become unresponsive.  Flanagan explains: "Neal Gafter, one of the hardest-working advocates for closures in Java, has politely and repeatedly asked for clarification of the schedule and of Oracle's commitment to closures.  The only answer he's gotten is from Alex Buckley:

Schedule information for Lambda will be shared when available.

Resourcing decisions are out of scope for this list, but I am sure that any resources assigned to Lambda will be directly or indirectly visible on this list.

It seems that Alex is not permitted to speak openly about this. But given that no activity is directly or indirectly visible through the mailing list, we can infer that there is basically no one at Oracle working on closures."  Flanagan wonders if there is anyone at Oracle with the time and/or the authority to modify the feature list or the release schedule for JDK 7.  At this rate, it's becoming less likely that closures will be properly implemented by the "feature complete" date; either that, or it's becoming more likely that JDK 7 will be pushed back even further.

HTC Strikes Back!
You might remember that Apple (quite suddenly) filed suit against handset manufacturer HTC two months back for allegedly violating 20 of Apple's patents.  Each of the 20 patents were curiously linked to Android handsets, and the lawsuit has been perceived by some as an indirect attack on Google's Mobile OS.  Well it turns out that HTC has just fired back with a lawsuit of their own, saying that Apple violates 5 of HTC's patents, and it is asking the ITC to ban sales and import of iPhones, iPads, and iPods in the US (a routine measure).  The patents are related to personalized phone dialers, power management, and a telephone dialer with easy access memory. 

Another iPhone 4: Lost, Found, then Gutted on the Internet
A second fourth-generation iPhone has turned up in Vietnam this week, and the videos and innards are posted to prove it.  The pictures show that the iPad's signature A4 chip is also present in the iPhone 4G.  Other than that, this second sighting doesn't tell us much more than the first phone.  Will the police kick down this guy's door too?  Image via Tinhte.com

John Lilly is Leaving Mozilla
After five years as the CEO of Mozilla, John Lilly is stepping down later this year to join Greylock Partners as a venture partner.  Lilly says he will continue being involved with the Mozilla Foundation on its board of directors.  Lilly worked for Reactivity (acquired later by Cisco), Apple, Sun Microsystems, and Trilogy Software.  

Firefox 4: "In it to Win it"
Mozilla has a hot piece of browser cooking for the summer.  Get ready for Firefox 4!

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