Daily Dose - Silverlight 4 VS Tools and WCF RIA Services

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Daily Dose - Silverlight 4 VS Tools and WCF RIA Services

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Microsoft released some handy Silverlight 4 tools for Visual Studio 2010 along with WCF RIA Services this week.  The Silverlight tools provide an Intellisense functionality for modifying XAML styles, and there are tools for new features like elevated trust functions.  They also come with a Data Source Selector for modifying data source information.  Many of the Silverlight design features work in WPF as well.

Oracle Keeps Enterprise MySQL Moving Forward
The new version of MySQL Enterprise, released this week, has been under development since well before the Oracle acquisition.  The release comes with version 2.2 of its enterprise monitor, which takes a proactive approach to performance issue detection.  Along with improved query performance, MySQL Enterprise also features tighter security integration with MySQL Support, and query analyzer execution notices.

CentOS 5.5 Follows RHEL 5.5
Based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.5 (released in late March), CentOS 5.5 is now available as a free Linux distribution.  It includes package updates for OpenOffice, PostgreSQL, and Samba.  There are also updates to the wireless drivers suite.  CentOS 5.5 is available for i386 and 64-bit x86 architectures.

Researchers Fully Harness the GPU
We've heard about harnessing the GPU to take some of the pressure off the CPU, but a software team at North Carolina State University claims it could turn a desktop PC into a supercomputer with this concept.  The researchers say they have written a compiler that can fully exploit the GPU's computing power.  While modern CPUs run 20-60 gigaflops, today's GPUs can run 1 teraflop of computing power.  This unlocks a lot of potential processing power.

5 SEO Tactics That Make You Look Like a Douche
When you take search engine visibility too far, it becomes annoying.  spoongraphics graced us with this post.

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