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Daily Dose - Spring Roo 1.1 Supports GWT, GAE, and Solr

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Daily Dose - Spring Roo 1.1 Supports GWT, GAE, and Solr

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With the first milestone release of Spring Roo 1.1.0, Project Lead Ben Alex says you can build a working web app with a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) front-end in as little as 200 keystrokes.  That's right, deep GWT support is finally here for Spring developers.  Alex explains some of the new features with this integration:  

"The new "gwt setup" command will give you a working web application with a scaffolded desktop and mobile device entry point, plus round-trip changes as you modify your entities. It even builds on the latest GWT 2.1 features like new binding widgets and remoting support. Check it out and have some fun!"  

Google App Engine support is also new in this release, with a simple command for adding a complete GAE-compatible configuration.  We can't forget some other important new features:

  • Automatic indexing of entities via Apache Solr,
  • Maven Central group IDs, artifact IDs, and version numbers for Roo projects
  • Composite key support
  • Serializable add-on
  • Cygwin support
  • JPA 2 support
  • Roo infrastructure now entirely based on OSGi
  • Along with this major Spring Roo release, a new version of STS (SpringSource Tool Suite 2.3.3 M1) has been released as well.

WANdisco Gives Back to Subversion
This week, WANdisco announced that it would be taking the profits it receives form Subversion support contract sales and using them to benefit the Apache Subversion project.  They intend to hire additional developers who will be Subversion committers and support the activities of the community.  WANdisco's current Subversion engineers have developed new features for the next release including a complete rewrite of the working copy management engine for better scaling and performance.

Chrome Web Store
To provide a large, central marketplace where users can rate and discover web applications, Google announced the Chrome Web Store at the I/O conference this week.  While all web applications are obviously available on any browser, only Chrome will have its own hub for "installing" and creating shortcuts for easy access to your favorite web apps.    The store will support a convenient and secure payment system along with advanced HTML5 permissions for apps that have that functionality.  The Chrome Web Store will go live later this year.  To prepare your web app for the Chrome Web Store, see Google's preliminary documentation

Oracle Virtual Box 3.2 Goes GA
The re-branded Oracle Virtual Box 3.2 launched the GA version today.  It adds support for Intel's latest hardware, includes a rewritten storage I/O subsystem, CPU hot-plugging, memory ballooning, in-hypervisor networking, Remote Display Protocol, and experimental support for Mac OS X guests.  Although much of this work may be roll-over from the development under Sun, Oracle is definitely not going to let VB atrophy and die.  The CPU hot-plugging and dynamic memory ballooning will be welcome additions.

Asshole Driven development
Any team where the biggest jerk makes all the big decisions is asshole driven development.

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